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Arsenal USA and The Hit Doctor Students Step Up to the Plate in the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship


The 2024 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament, marking the 77th edition of the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship, will feature 64 teams. The tournament is set to begin on Friday, May 31, as part of the 2024 NCAA Division I baseball season. As the NCAA Baseball College Playoffs are officially here, a growing anticipation emerges among both players and fans. 

From the Arsenal and Hit Doctor program to the NCAA spotlight, our students are gearing up for the NCAA Baseball College Playoffs and ready to showcase their skills on the grand stage of collegiate baseball in their respective college teams. Since The Hit Doctor and The Arsenal Organization established an environment that supports and fosters the growth of the abilities required for young athletes to succeed in baseball and, more significantly, in life, this means these students are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. They’ve been trained to perform well under pressure, display sportsmanship, and demonstrate commitment both on and off the field.

Tournament Procedure

A total of 64 teams will enter the tournament. Thirty teams will receive an automatic bid by either winning their conference tournament or finishing in first place in their conference. The remaining 34 at-large bids will be awarded by the NCAA Selection Committee. Teams will be grouped into 16 regional brackets, each with four teams, after selection. There will be two rounds of elimination at the regionals. Each regional champion advances to a best-of-three series known as the Super Regionals. The College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, will see the eight winners of the Super Regionals advance to a double-elimination competition to decide the national champion. 


On May 27, 2024, the NCAA Division I Baseball Committee has already announced the 64 teams that will be competing for the 2024 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship

2024 NCAA Division 1 Tournament Bracket

16 Regional Lists

  • Tennessee 
  • Kentucky 
  • Texas A&M 
  • North Carolina 
  • Arkansas 
  • Clemson 
  • Georgia 
  • Florida St.
  • Oklahoma 
  • NC State 
  • Oklahoma St. 
  • Virginia
  • Arizona 
  • UC Santa Barbara 
  • Oregon St. 
  • East Carolina



May 31 – June 3
Campus or Neutral Sites – Double Elimination First-Round Pairings. 

Super Regionals 

June 7-9 or June 8-10
Campus or Neutral Sites – Best-of-Three Games. 

Men’s College World Series (MCWS)

June 14-23/24
Omaha, Nebraska
Double Elimination – First-Round Pairings
Best-of-Three – MCWS Finals


Arsenal USA and The Hit Doctor Students in the NCAA Baseball National Championships

PLAYER                                           POSITION                          COLLEGE TEAM

AJ GRACIA                                           CF                                            DUKE U

CADEN BODINE                                   C                                            COASTAL CAROLINA

ERIC GRINTZ                                       C                                              HIGH POINT U

ADAM GRINTZ                                      P                                             HIGH POINT U

JACK ZYSKA                                        OF                                           U OF CENTRAL FLORIDA

REED FARRELL                                   C                                             PENN

NICK SPAVENTA                                  SS                                           PENN

MATT AUGUSTIN                                P                                              U OF VIRGINIA

MARTY HIGGINS                                 INF                                          ST JOHN’S

CHUCK SANZIO                                   P                                             ST JOHN’S

BILLY PRICE                                         P                                             TULANE U

Stay tuned for updates and highlights as we follow their journey through the college playoffs. Let’s cheer them on as they aim for victory and strive to achieve greatness in the NCAA Baseball Playoffs. Whether they’re hitting home runs or making game-saving plays, these students are ready to leave it all on the field and demonstrate the true spirit of competition and sportsmanship.